Student Engagement Presentations and Instructional Audits


Healthy School Cultures seek out the tools that help them accomplish their missions of every student learning. The achievement gap in your school is an engagement gap. No matter your subject or grade level, and no matter how disinterested or directly resistant a student might seem, you can do things tomorrow that will increase your students’ engagement. Dr. McNeece is available for Keynotes, Breakouts, 1-Day, and 2-Day presentations that share the theory behind engagement and the classroom level strategies to raise student engagement. To have Dr. McNeece work with your team contact Solution Tree @ 1-800-733-6786 or click here.

Student Engagement Audits

How engaged are your students? Dr. McNeece will use instructional engagement rubrics to help your teachers to evaluate their classrooms, grade levels, subject areas, and school level engagement while cross referencing that with student perception data from his engagement survey. Your teachers will be able to see their students' engagement in a new way to give them the ability to develop school improvement and personal strategies to raise student engagement. To have Dr. McNeece audit your students' engagement click here.