Book Creation

Students, parents, and your community will love to see their homes and local landmarks reflected in a children's book, and districts can use the book to make a major impact on reading readiness. These are not cookie-cutter books, but unique pieces of artwork created just for your district or community.

Dr. McNeece works directly with your organization to develop the text and art around your school, district, or community's needs. During a one-day workshop, a team of your school and community members identifies your readiness needs and develops a storyline for a unique children's book. Next, your community is transformed into the setting of a children's book. Finally, the books are delivered to your community for the school's to distribute.

Are you looking for a Title I for Parent Engagement, Title III for English Learners, or a Title IV for Community Involvement Strategy? This project fulfills all requirements of those federal grants. For approximately $3.75 to $1.25 per book, your district have provide a powerful tool to the families in your community. See the pictures below and contact Dr. McNeece about to discuss your needs and federal grant funding options.

Process Pictures

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