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Alexander's insightful, media-infused presentations and full day workshops focus on
data-proven methods to raise student achievement. If you are ready for a powerful
transformation in student performance call to discuss how
can tailor his services to meet your school's needs
. (248) 974-4828
This presentation focuses on how Alexander
used creative writing, his first book
Sam Iver:
Imminent Threat
, and video production to
eliminate the
achievement gap for his school's
97% African-American, Title I population. While
the rest of the State's African-American students
scored at a 51% proficiency level on the MEAP
Reading and Writing exam, Alexander's students
scored at a
92% passing rate, which bested the
State average for ALL STUDENTS by 19
percentage points. Ultimately, Alexander shares
how you can eliminate the Achievement Gap.
Alexander focuses on globalization of the world's economy and the impact it will have
on our schools. Alexander shares his efforts to answer these challenges and break the
status quo of student achievement as the Principal of a Blue Collar, Title I school. This
presentation challenges the participants to see our current system of education in a
different light and to recognize the changes that need to be made immediately when
the participants return to their own schools.
Eliminating the ELA Achievement Gap
Educational Leadership for a Globalizing World
Impacting Your Title I Student Achievement
Transforming Your District's Culture
If you are ready for a powerful transformation in
student performance call to
discuss how Alexander can tailor his services to
meet your school's needs. (248) 974-4828
Alexander shares many
innovative 21st Century
ideas that work: his school's
Title I film studio that
eliminated failure of his Title I
students, a series of video
based common assessments
that led to a 53 point gain on
the State Assessment, and
his second book,
Ryan and
Ruby Go To Kindergarten
that dynamically impacted
Kindergarten Readiness and
early literacy (MLPP) test
scores in his school's
You’ve started the journey of changing your districts culture, but what’s the next step?
How do you take this exciting new understanding and transform your district’s culture to
raise student achievement? New Frontier 21 Consulting has developed an On-Site and
Data-Driven workshop that will help create an Action Plan with your district leadership and

This one-of-a-kind professional development uses actual school culture data from your
district to give your administrators the insights and opportunities to develop real strategies
to transform your district’s culture and raise student achievement.  Give your district’s
administrators a guide to transforming the culture of their schools.
Based on the ground
breaking educational
book by Dr. Anthony
Lights, Camera, Action, LEARN!
Do your students watch movies, love music videos, and go to YouTube? Using 21st
Century technology in the classroom engages even the most reluctant learners. You
and your teachers will learn how to plan, shoot, edit, and present video for their
lessons and how to integrate it into student work too. Participants leave this workshop
ready to shoot video!
  • Boys Reading
  • Developing S.M.A.R.T. Goals
  • Educational Leadership for a
    Globalizing World
  • Eliminating the Achievement
  • High-Interest / High-Impact
  • Impacting Your Title I Student
  • Parent Involvement
  • Professional Learning
  • Teaching Teachers to Write
  • Technology in the Classroom
  • The School Improvement
  • Transforming School Culture
  • 21st Century Pedagogy
  • Video Production