Read to Me, Daddy: My First Football Book is a tool schools
and families can use to help address the gender
achievement gap. By third grade, we see a steady slide of
boys' interest and achievement in Reading, and by the end
of high school, girls have an average 28 point advantage in
the verbal section of the SAT. What's creating this gender
achievement gap? The problem is multi-faceted, but a sure
way to address this problem is to provide adult male role
models that value reading.
Read to Me, Daddy is a book
that dads will want to read to their sons.
With nearly five thousand copies in circulation, Ryan and
Ruby Go To Kindergarten
has profoundly raised the level of
kindergarten readiness at schools everywhere.
Ryan and
covers the essential knowledge we need students to
start with on day one of kindergarten while it helps them gain
familiarity and comfort to school before they even walk in the
door! The bottom line is that
Ryan and Ruby Go To
helps kids know more and start faster in such a
way that will reverberate throughout their education.
here to see the amazing data outcomes from Douglas
Elementary in Michigan.
Sam Iver: Imminent Threat is used in Middle, High, and
Alternative Schools throughout the nation. It uses video
games and realistic social situations all wrapped up in a
grandiose plot of international spies and stolen military
secrets that keep reluctant reading boys interested.
strong anti-bullying messages and
non-violent problem solving
lay at the heart of the book's

This book and the classroom materials were the major tools
Alexander McNeece used as a teacher to achieve a 92%
passing rate on the 2005 English Language Arts Michigan
State Assessment, a rate that surpassed the State average
by 19 percentage points and helped his 97% African
American Title I students to
best the State average for
African American students by 37 percentage points
Building on the success of Ryan and Ruby, these clone books help many more kids to see
themselves as ready for kindergarten! These versions have been updated to help students
even more skills associated with reading readiness. These are the perfect books for
parents and schools to use to help our kids prepare for school. Best of all, 100% of the
proceeds of this book go to support Lather's Kindergarten Center in Garden City, Michigan!