Alexander McNeece is an award-winning
school administrator whose goal is to eliminate
illiteracy by using motivational reading
material, developing a school culture of
writing, and integrating 21st Century
technology into every facet of his teachers'
teaching and his students' learning.

As a teacher, Alexander's first book,
Sam Iver:
Imminent Threat
, was published in 2007. It
epitomizes the dedication he has to struggling
teen readers. The book sets its stage in online
video games to motivate teens to read while it
delivers important messages of self-image,
friendship, and nonviolent problem solving.
The book was a key component of Alexander's
students' success in his middle school
classroom. They reached a 92% passing rate
on the Michigan State English Language Arts
Assessment, besting the State average by 19
percentage points.
Alexander’s second book, Ryan and Ruby
Go to Kindergarten
, was released in August
of 2008. It was a collaborative project with
co-worker, Wendy Betway. The book’s goal
is to help parents and students identify the
essential skills needed for an excellent start
in school. The results of using the book
were profound. MLPP (Michigan Literacy
Progress Profile) scores for
kindergarteners jumped an average of 14
percentage points. Today,
Ryan and Ruby
Go to Kindergarten
exemplifies forward-
thinking in education and demonstrates
what a creative and collaborative effort can
bring to a school and community.
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Read to Me, Daddy: My First Football Book, Alexander's third book, was released in
June of 2010. It was written for male role models to use at home and as a tool for
schools to combat the
Gender Achievement Gap. Dads need to show our boys
that they value reading. In a fun, football filled way, this book makes it clear that dads
will be an essential part of the solution to balancing the gender gap.

Video production and media literacy are also focal points of Alexander's career. As a
teacher, he integrated video production with the Michigan English Language Arts
Curriculum, culminating at the end of the year with his students writing, acting,
directing, and editing their own feature length film which was released at a local
movie theatre. Today as a principal, Alexander's school pioneered a video production
intervention program for struggling students, called The Douglas Show. That
program and the hard work of his teaching staff has led to the elimination of student
retention. 100% of the school's students were academically successful in the
2008-2010 school years.

Alexander effectively uses video to communicate to staff and students alike, helping
to unite the school under their motto,
Success for All. Alexander's leadership has
helped his school see dramatic increases on the State Math and Reading
assessments and helped take his school from missing AYP in 2006 to receiving an
in 2010 through the EdYES Michigan school report card! Under Alexander's
leadership, the school has also seen the number of student suspensions cut in half
and school tardies have been cut by a third. All of this has been done while the
school, in the current economic climate, saw a 200% rise in their numbers of free and
reduced lunch.

At thirty-s
ix years old, Alexander holds a bachelors and masters degree from
Michigan State University and is a doctoral student at Eastern Michigan University.
currently serves as the Director of Instruction in Garden City, Michigan and is a
consultant through New Frontier 21.